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Zach 1Zachariah is a young student passionate about peace and working for the community. He is currently a student, a social worker and a volunteer with Initiatives of Change. His commitment to the society has made him assume major responsibilities within the region of Eastern Africa leading youths towards being peace ambassadors. He is passionate about helping the underprivileged and working with children and families living in the slum areas of Nairobi.

Initiatives Of Change is one of our local partners, if you like to find out more about this organization please visit

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  • Organize an ego boost day for street childrenUSD25

Ego boost day for street children in nairobi

“I am thankful for the continued support and commitment. I would bring to your attention that we managed to do the Ego Boost day on Friday evening as from 7.00pm-9.00pm. I managed to mobilize a group of friends who came with me to the streets as we shared stories and had fun with the children. We were able to have time with the kids and sharing of stories while having fun.

It was amazing to listen to this kids. We purchased a few snacks and drinks of which we shared together with the children. The reason we changed from Saturday to Friday is because it is the best appropriate time as per what we were advised since on Saturday it would involve too much procedures that would delay our progress and also it would be a little more expensive to get the children to one place. We opted to go to where they are and have a moment with them.

Please have a look at the pictures i have attached. We didnt have a good camera and so we used our phones to take some snapshots. Again it was at night.
Please let me know what you think about this.
Best Regards,

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