Nelson, Belize

NelsonNelson is 31 years old and is based in the small village of San Narciso, close to the Mexican border. He loves nature, travelling, music, movies and football. He is very energetic, with an outgoing and charming personality. He is a talented hairdresser and helps his dad, who is a cane farmer. Nelson carries a lot of love and compassion for children and elderly people.

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  • 60+ Casanova; giving roses & compliments to senior ladiesUSD15
  • Make myself a 1% better person (I am now 50% good)USD20
  • Give a special design haircut to a person in needUSD10



“Dear Janjoost,
(…) The reason I chose this family is because the mother had three bad marriages with three children and the last husband used to beat her and she left him since one year ago. The children didn’t have a Christmas or new years so I decided to make the magic dinner for them. Hoping that you would like the magic dinner I did and I am sending you some pictures of how it went. (…)

The complete version of his report you can download here

Nelson report ‘Magic Dinner’

video 1 nelson magic dinner

video 2 nelson magic dinner

video 3 video nelson magic dinner

Make myself a 1% better person – Hosting Oscar

“Hello Guido,
My name is Nelson one of the smile sellers from smiles4sale. First of all I want to give you thanx for making this possible. You ordered to take somebody into nature, but because of the bad weather we have for month now it was not possible to do that. Also it is too expensive to get transport. Last October I started to study ‘Hospitality Management’ and I invited Oscar Alverado; one of my classmates, to my house to stay overnight and invite him for dinner and breakfast the next morning. I also gave him a pair of my shoes because his shoes where in a bad condition and I felt sorry for him and decided to help him with one of mine (…)”

The complete versions of his report you can read in the pdf files below.

Nelson report ‘Hosting Oscar’

60+ casanova, giving roses and compliments to senior ladies

Video nelson 60+ casanova

Give a special design haircut to a person in need

Nelson 18

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