Nehanda, Belize

Nehanda is a single mother and 30 years old. She is an artist and painter. She is independent, strong minded, dares to think different and to speak her mind. Nehanda is passionate about environmental and social engagement and she teaches social skills for adult education and does a lot of community work next to her work as an artist. She is one of the core members of the Duke of Edinburgh Foundation Belize.

The Duke of Edinburgh Foundation Belize is one of our partners and part of the British umbrella Award Program. For more information about the international Duke of Edinburgh Foundation please visit

Good deed menu Nehanda

  • Promote Black BeautyUSD15
  • Running errands for an elderly personUSD10
  • Organize an environmental SundayUSD25
  • Painting smilesUSD20
  • Sing songs for toddlersUSD10
  • Teach kids Belizean folk songsUSD15

You can contact Nehanda by e-mail to order your good deeds: email hidden; JavaScript is required.

Promoting black beauty

“Promoting Black Beauty through peer interaction

My name is a Nehanda Higinio and I have an eight year old daughter named Cynthea who wants to have straight hair. She is my inspiration to helping young girls who struggle with their self-image realize that they are all beautiful just as they are. I sat with a few young girls from my town and asked them what they thought was beautiful. They started talking about princesses such as Rapunzel, Snow white and Cinderella.

When asked if they thought of themselves as princesses that are just as beautiful as Snow white and Cinderella. Zorya was the only that said yes. Mila, a biracial 6 year old, feels like she is sometimes too white or not white enough to be consider pretty. When I asked her why, she said that the kids at school told her that. I asked Zorya and Cynthea if they thought that Mila was pretty, they said. So I asked them to tell her as often as they can. It was true this simple exercise that we say a boost in the Mila’s confidence. I call it positive peer affirmation. (…)”

The complete versions of her report, including pictures, you can read in the pdf files below.

Nehanda report ‘Promoting Black Beauty’

Video 1 nehanda teaching folk songs to kids

Video 2 nehanda teaching folk songs to kids

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