Kwame, Ghana

KwameMy name is Joseph Kwame Kondor, 29 years of age and dark in complexion. My hobbies are watching movies and playing music.

Good deed menu Kwame

  • Give a foot massage to a local hawkerUSD25
  • Alcoholics versus non-alcoholics tug of warUSD20
  • Give micro relationship counselling to a couple over dinnerUSD25
  • Organize a juice drinking competition for alcoholicsUSD25
  • Organize a funeral for a slaughtered goatUSD25

Give a foot massage to a local hawker

“I will say hawking is a way of sending small markets to the street. the market could be on your head or hands depending on what you are selling. It is a business which involves little capital in Ghana, hawking is one of the known jobs .People mostly indulged in this business are most who rages from the ages of five years to 20 years. this is due to the fact that most of them come from poor homes and can’t afford to pay school fees therefore the need sell on the street to make money. (…)

The massage went very well. the lady was very comfortable at first but started panicking and wanted leave when people started staring at her, she asked if i was getting it done sooner. i told her yes which made her relaxed. she felt very ticklish every time my hand touched her feet. i told her to hold on just a bit and she did, at the end everything went very well. (…)

The complete version of his report you can download here

Kwame report ‘Foot Massage for a Hawker’

Alcoholics versus non-alcoholics tug of war

“Alcoholism is one of the main factors of violence in Ghana.i say this because each and every day, there are people fighting on streets but most at times at homes. this happens as a result of cheap and very strong alcohol sold here. so even poor man can offer to buy himself a shot or a bottle of strong alcohol. i will say alcoholism is a problem here because the youth have embraced it and at times abuse it ending them in fights, accidents and at times rape (…)”

The complete version of his report you can download here

Kwame report ‘Tug of War’

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