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Festus 1My name is Festus Aziamakpor, am 13 years of age and I live with Mawulolo youth network. My parents are very poor and don’t have the means to cater for my welfare and school but I really have the ambition to go to school and become somebody great in future. Mawulolo youth network came to my aid. I have been with them for three years now and I must confess that they have been very help and kind to me.

I like music very much, because it makes me smile every time. So when I got the opportunity to learn the keyboard (Piano) I took advantage. My director and teacher Mr. Michael Ashong teaches me every weekend and on vacations.

As my good deed I would like to teach younger orphans and anybody interested in learning how to play the piano. I really love to share what I know with other people. I don’t own a keyboard (piano) that why I engaged myself in the good deed sales.
I will save to buy a keyboard from the money I earn and use part to support my brothers and sisters in need.

The orphanage of Mawulolo youth network is one of our local partners, if you like to find out more about Mawulolo please visit www.mawuloloyouthnetwork.org/our-mission.html.

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Teaching a new song to a younger orphan

“My name is Festus Aziamakpor from Mawulolo youth network and orphanage. I chose to do this good deed because first of all I love music very much, secondly I love teaching other young ones and anybody interested in playing the keyboard (piano). I have been able to learn how to play basic tunes on keyboard with the help of my director the same time my teacher Mr. Michael Ashong who happens to be a musician.

Henrietta Badah is the name of the young girl I thought. She is eight years of age and we all live together. She likes music as I do but we both can’t learn it at the same time so I took the opportunity to teach her a basic tune as my good deed.

She was really excited when I told her I would teach her how to play a new tune with the keyboard. She doubted if I was speaking the truth because on several occasions has she asked me to teacher but I told her I was still learning to play the piano and would do that when I have fully learnt how to play it. (…)”

The complete version of his report you can download here

Festus report ‘Teaching a new Song’

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