Smiles4sale is brought to you by Wonder, an exceptional little non-profit organization from the Netherlands that makes the world a better place by initiating funny, beautiful and provocative projects. We are a non-profit that has both engaged in our own initiatives and worked for various corporate and non-profit clients, as well as government agencies.

Smiles4sale works together with partners in different countries. These are our main current partners:

ASN Bank

The ASN Bank is one of the two major ethical banks based in the Netherlands. It supports fair trade and sustainable energy, and steers clear of child labour and arms trade.
For more information about the ASN Bank please visit the website www.asnbank.nl.

CANICA, Mexico

CANICA is the street children advocacy center in Oaxaca, Mexico. It offers activities, care and support for children living in the streets of Oaxaca. Smiles4sale is crowd funding for a Good Deed Day together with the children of CANICA. Support the campaign!

Mawulolo Youth Network, Ghana

The Mawulolo Youth Network provides resources and educational opportunities for children and youth in Accra, Ghana. Their orphanage is involved in smiles4sale. The children living there spread joy by doing good deeds.

Initiatives of Change Kenya

Initiatives of Change (IofC) is a world-wide movement of people committed to the transformation of society through changes in human motives and behaviour, starting with their own. IofC Kenya has launched a youth smiles4sale project from Nairobi.

Like to become a local partner?

If your target group may profit from becoming smile sellers, and you would like to engage and support them in doing so, consider initiating your own smiles4sale project. Local partners are responsible for the complete organization of their project, including successful sales. We provide a general manual pdf for organizations and a fundraising manual pdf. Also, on the How does it work page you will find manuals for good deed ideas and presentation by smile sellers.


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