Good deeds for companies

Good deeds are a beautiful and original gift to surprise your staff members and contacts with. For companies and organizations interested in providing about 20 – 70 people with a special experience, we initiate ‘good deed days’ in the countries we work with. These are Ghana, Kenya, Mexico, Lebanon, Belize and the Netherlands.

In the country of your choice, a group of smile sellers will compose a good deed menu full of good deeds they could do in their community. Each of your staff members or contacts will be allowed to choose one good deed from their menu to be carried out on the good deed day.

Depending on your wishes, we can provide one or two inspiring presentations; perhaps an initial presentation to introduce the concept, and a few weeks later, to present how the good deeds went.

Your purchase will provide the smile sellers with the means to do good things in their community. They will receive payment for their efforts and have an uplifting experience themselves. Your staff and contacts will each receive a unique account of the good deed they selected.

By choosing a smiles4sale good deed day, you will make many people smile!

For more information about our partner organizations in the countries mentioned above please visit our partners.