Day # 15 December 12th (Oaxaca de juárez, oaxaca)

Today is the last day of our 15 days of kindness tour. We just had a meeting with Carlos Castillo, the director of CANICA (advocacy for street children and local smiles4sale partner) for our joyful explosion of kindness on 18th of December. The last day of our kindness tour and the first day of preparations for our big explosion of kindness next week here in Oaxaca!

Day # 14 December 11th (Oaxaca de juárez, oaxaca)

Today we had our first meeting with Carlos Castillo (director) and Carla Ramos Corzo (program manager) from CANICA. We met in a little café just across the street from Santa Domingo in the historical center of Oaxaca. One week from now, on Thursday the 18th of December we will organize a whole day of good deeds together with a group of CANICA kids. This is going to be lots of fun!

Yesterday was smile day here in Mexico. We had no idea, it took us by surprise. Apparently people celebrated the international clowns day all over the country. We saw a group of clowns from small to tall, performing in front of Santa Domingo. Beautiful setting! They made many people smile, including us :o)
Muchas gracias queridos payasos!

Day # 13 December 10th (Oaxaca de juárez, oaxaca)

Today we helped decorating a big Christmas tree in the lobby of our little ‘Hostal del Barrio’ in the Jalatlaco district in Oaxaca city. This was the 2nd time that we helped with the decorations; we are becoming real Christmas professionals! Again it was lots of fun decorating the tree together with the owner Maira and her two little daughters Sarah and Yakie :o)

Day # 12 December 9th -Part2- (Oaxaca de juárez, oaxaca)

Exploring Oaxaca for the first time. Beautiful old buildings, nice vibes, lots of galleries and arts and delicious hot chocolate, we are already falling in love with the city!

Day # 12 December 9th -part1- (oaxaca de juárez, oaxaca)day #12 Oaxaca arrival

Tataaa, we are in Oaxaca!!!
After a long bus trip that took all night, we arrived in Oaxaca city, still a little tired from the trip. Now the preparations for our ‘Explosion of kindess’ on December 18th can start. We will get in touch with Canica, our local partner to start organizing the big day!

Day # 11 December 8th (San Cristobal, Chiapas)

Our last day in San Cristobal, we are sorry to say goodbye and decided to make a cake and share it with people on the street. Unfortunately most of the cake felt apart. We saved some of it and gave it to a few children. This is how we met Luis Miguel and his aunt. His aunt told us that his mother abandoned him when he was only 3 month old. He was very sweet and he enjoyed our cake, which made us happy in return. Tonight we will travel on to Oaxaca, our final destination. Oaxaca here we come!

Day # 10 December 7th (San Cristobal, Chiapas)day #10 street dogs mexico

We heard about people that adopt streets dogs and that always need a hand. We tried to get in touch with them and offer to help walk the dogs. Unfortunately we could not reach them. We tried, but without success. Tomorrow is another day.


Day # 9 (part 2), December 6th (San Cristobal, Chiapas)

So in the afternoon it was my turn. I had made some soup and took it to Luisa, a very sweet lady that works in a tiny little laundry place not far from were we stay.
After her lunch brake I gave her a hand folding all the nice, clean cloth, still warm from the dryer. Luisa is 29 and grew up in one of the villages nearby. She has 7 brothers and sisters and her family is very poor, so when she was 13 she decided to come to San Cristobal to work. She has been working for the last three years in the laundry place. She is there every day with her little son Alan. We had a nice time together (despite my poor language skills) and I was able to practice my Spanish.

Day # 9 (part 1), December 6th (San Cristobal, Chiapas)

Today is day #9 of our 15 days of kindness tour (part 1)
Still in San Cristobal, we love it here, they can’t get rid of us. Nelson helped build beds for plants and flowers in the garden. Flower it up baby!

Day # 8, December 5th (San Cristobal, Chiapas)day #8 cover foto

Nelson still had a flu and we did not feel really inspired to do good deeds. We don’t want it to become a routine or something we ‘have’ to do. We both think it should come from the heart, if you don’t feel inspired enough it is better not to do it. So yesterday was a day without a good deed.

Day #7 December 4th (San Cristobal, Chiapas)

The cold got to us, Nelson spend most the day in bed with a flu. I made a big cleaning day out of it. I started out cleaning our room, than I decided to continue sweeping and mopping the rest of the house and than I moved on to clean the terrace, eventually attacking the big porch with a broom and a little knife for the weed. Victory!

We inspired our host, Niamh is working in the garden right now :o)

Day #6 December 3nd (San Cristobal, Chiapas)

So this is our second day in San Cristobal de Las Casas. Since we are staying for a week Nelson Claros decided to give Niamh Dunne’s garden a real treat. He will be working on it little by little every day. It was a beautiful, sunny day and after Nelson’s good garden deed we went for a walk up the hill to enjoy the view from the Guadalupe church. Beautiful!

Day #5, December 2nd (San Cristobal, Chiapas)

Our first day in San Cristobal de Las Casas. 2000m high, cold and very beautiful. We decided to take a little rest from traveling and stay for a week.

Today we made the flowers smile! The garden of our great host Niamh needs a lot of maintenance. Nelson will work in the garden while we are here. He started his gardening job and by taking out the weed and made the flowers smile!

Day #4, December 1st (from Campeche – San Cristobal)

Last night we traveled from Campeche to San Cristobal in Chiapas, Mexico. The trip was suppose to take about 13 hours, but it took us more than 24 hours. Before we reached San Cristobal there was a road block.

Local people protested against the disappearance and most likely murder of 43 students.

We were stuck for hours. Nelson went on an hour hike to the next village to get some information which we shared with the rest of the people that were stuck and food, which we shared with a lady and her little son. We made them smile today.

In the end we decided to take the hike with all our luggage to the next village and eventually we found a pick up that took us to San Cristobal.

What a trip!

Day #3, November 30th (Campeche, Campeche)

This is our 2nd day in Campeche. Today we helped Alexandra, a very friendly receptionist of our Hotel Barranquilla to put the Christmas decoration around the staircase. We had lots of fun doing it! She was very happy about it and gave me a big hug and a kiss before she left.

Tonight we are moving on to the province of Chiapas, Mexico.

San Cristobal De Las Casas here we come!

Day #2, November 29th (Campeche, Campeche)

We arrived today in Campeche, Mexico. Beautiful seaside and historical centre!

One of the old VW Beatles got stuck today and Nelson helped an old couple push the car to a parking space. We made 3 people smile!

Day #1, November 28th (Mérida, Yucatán)

Today Karla, a yoga and dance teacher from Merida was the first victim of our kindness. The big iron gates of her house couldn’t been moved for a long time, because the rails were full of dirt and dust. Nelson Claros did a great job cleaning them out. Now the sliding gates are running smooth again!

Start of our 15 days of kindness!

routeToday Nelson Claros and I started our 15 days challenge of kindness in Mexico. On our way from Merida to Oaxaca we will do an act of kindness every day and make at least one person happy. Our challenge is part of our crowd funding campaign for smiles4sale and Canica de Oaxaca (advocacy for street children). Together with a group of street children we will surprise the city of Oaxaca with ‘A Joyful Explosion of Kindness’. Check out!/fundraisers/169.